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Conquest Over Time  by  Michael Shaara

Conquest Over Time by Michael Shaara
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As my first book by Michael Shaara I didnt know quite what to expect. The main character is struck by the challenge of arranging a trade contract with a planet straight out of Dickens whose society is run completely off of their own brand of astrology. The task is made more difficult by landing there on a bad day.It is an oddly amusing tale about the meeting of two humanoids civilizations through the third person POV of Pat Travis, a man that has recently been dealing with a string of bad luck.

I really dug his resourcefulness and tenacity. There is a fine explanation of translation technology that is something often overlooked in stories about the meeting of two peoples. And the payoff is bang on as well.Whilst there is a touch of the pulp science fiction story in Conquest Over Time, it doesnt feel rushed or convenient in any regard.

The characters react appropriate to their situation and background. The dialogue was neat, with the sections featuring the translation to the alien language offering a wonderful contrast to the language used by the main character. The world-building offered the right amount of conflict for the main character, and I also found it easy to imagine the odd predicament that he was in.I recommend this story to anyone the enjoys an adventure focusing around the conflict of two cultures.

The science fiction buffs will love the descriptive of the world as well, the story offering some solid sci-fi noms. It was a fun read and a great introduction to the writing of Michael Shaara.

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